Ian Morris

For the best time that people can remember, pet is the essential fabric of the American people. Though some of you might disagree, but I think many would concur that the lack of a dog at home, whether it is a dog or a cat, would leave a gap in your family. One problem with running a dog is its hairs flying around and if consumed over an extended time period, might be damaging to our health being. That's not all. Some people have lower threshold to dust and particles and I'm one of these. 

Mixed together, inhaling pet hairs and dirt sensitivity can be quite deadly. That is what exactly happened to us. I was unaware once and I didn't care much about the quality of air in the home until it took a toll on my health. In perspective, I'm now a changed man with a number of my close friends marking me 'hygiene nut' often. I examine them and wonder if I should try to convince them or perhaps let out a laugh. I was like them once and or even because of the knowledge I had with my own health condition, I would probably be still like them. 

To consider it honestly, I cannot blame them for discussing me as a freak and here is why. About a year ago, after going through breathing difficulty (which made me thinking that my days were numbered), I began to be passionate about the caliber of the air that I breathe at home everyday. Which was when I considered the use of air purifier. I tried to educate myself how to find the most useful air purifier however it was just therefore frustrating. I decided that the simplest way would be trial and error. 

Ever since then, I'd jumped in one air cleanser producer to another location. I have obtained several air cleaners and have them examined at home and we are speaking about 12 months span of time here. I came across there are certain conditions where a few of the models work very well although not others. The natural question that I get asked most of the time is if you have such thing as perfect or best air cleaner. Based on my experience, best is contextual and you've to define what your primary problems are before you can say which air cleaner is best. 

When you can see, I'm no air purifier pro but I can proudly state that I'm a heavyweight air purifier person. But because I have a love for writing, I thought if I set my experiences to words, more folks would benefit. I am hoping that my sharing will help people who are in dire needs of the good air purifier will have the ability to find one, although minus all the pain that I'd experienced previously.

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